This blogs and its reasoning lie under many layers. In the beginning, it was intuition ignited by the fire of boredom that drove me to create a webpage blog. This was about two years ago. Thanks to the naivety, overzealous ego, and need for respect that every unmotivated college student is cursed with, I designed my first blog (if you can call it such a thing). Like many others, this blog was designed with an insane amount of detail and healthy criticism, never to be returned to again. This was because I had yet to find myself caught up in the little things in life. From the conditioned bad habits, to the less occurring good ones. The sad truth is that every website creation I attempted fell prey to the bad habits, each habit with its own harsh personality and complex backstory. Yet, I did mention that there were good habits. These good habits were one in a million and changed as fast as my interests, but the key to meaning lied in their birthplace. With every attempt to start and maintain a blog, I became both more interested and more motivated. My lens of desire focused more clear on a true goal as I begun to try new things, and years later I have reached my current dreams, for this is all they are in truth. Current, and always subject to change. Although I do have trouble expressing it at times, the current goal is something that grows to interesting depths as its topical perimeter decreases.

I've always had an inclination for both reading and writing, yet never had the discipline for it. There were moments in school where I would get caught up in the writing assignment and write up to three pages when my peers wouldn't have the prolificacy for half of one. I once wrote a hundred page story about a made up creature that me and my brother would joke about. These "Schnudels", large and friendly creatures from another universe, were secretive and choosy with who they spoke to, despite having their very own language. I also had an innate competitive drive because of a love for sports. Perhaps both my imagination and drive were instilled upon me by my brother, of which I am quite thankful for. I also have had a passion for the arts, be that beautiful paintings or music. All together this combination of curiosity, competitiveness, and a love for the arts made an interesting delinquent C student. Many people did not know everything about me because I did not align with one true identity. Instead, I chose to take the form of a different 'Austin', depending on my surroundings. My realization of this odd meshing that I was doing throughout the inching off of my teen years, brought about the reason for doing this blog.

I would like to be a positive force in peoples lives. I'm going to try my best to incorporate my personal motives in this blog as little as possible, and instead come from a place of empathy to others by providing a source for people to share ideas, learn valuable information, experience mind-changing art, and above all improve well-being through deeper self-realization. I encourage everyone to take part in this discussion; but if your comments are the product of an ideological structure, they will most likely be deleted. I also want to have a large Q&A portion of the blog, in which people will be able to post questions answered by myself and others.

The internet is a place that is infinite, like our potential, and I want to take advantage of that by sharing my thoughts with others in an act of something bigger than ourselves.

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