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Sacrificing past L's for future gains

Roll up an L, I've stayed the same

Will I'll fall with the leaves?

Is it cold enough in Autumn, to give you your steam?

Cus my engine been running low, low

I'm on your court, but we can run it though

You've been a bad sport, look like you feeling low

No baby on the sidelines because I came here alone

Grandma had told me I'm young

I need to live it up

So I delay with dreaming and sluts

Can I grow up in this life of lust

Or will I fall with the rest of the gods?

Murder, murder, murder, murder

What could you lose?

Have you ever had to hurt her

Just for something to do?

Could you paint a perfect circle?

White lies, they cover the truth

I'm not perfect, and neither are you.

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Tampa Bay, Florida
United States

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