Untitled II

Is it what you love for who you love,

Or put it off into to be loved...

What's the cost of these hoes and drugs

Is it worth all the hastened love?

(we know that)

Time spent turns into life spent,

And my savings wide enough to fly in

Shit I could dive in

Donald Duck and emerge with models from different islands, smiling

Because I look so cold but the only cold thing is the soul

Sacrificing warmth for all

Guess that's where you find what you'll find in the meaning

(we know that)

Moment you stop walking the moment you stop dreaming

That's why I woke up like a Mexican

Took your girl home and she rode cus she equestrian


How the wind blows with my check when your girl step in

Too many lanes I'll be straight until the world go in

Can't be contained, deadly aim, don't be ashamed

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