Untitled III

Have you ever had that feeling

That feeling that you get when you get to dreaming

Lights shine on you feel like you gleaming

Then you wake up

And you feel stuck

And the world grey gotta change the vibe up

Why does time fly? wonder where the day goes

Nights long so I'm pouring up the faygo

Pull the plug send my heart down the draino

Why I lay low, but I can't stay closed

My girl satellite yours cable

I'm left your right, so they say though

Feel like Abel, don't label

Choose the money or the girl you can't take both

You're just way too divine

Valentines will you be mine

Build a castle up just to watch it fall

You don't want her

You don't want her

You don't want her

You don't want her (Wooooooaaahhh)

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